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The new Yamaha CVP700 series has arrived

David has got up close and personal with the latest release from Yamaha; the new CVP Clavinova digital pianos. You can see him comparing the first two in the range in the video below.

We have more videos on the CVP series coming up soon including a beginners guide to the series.
The CVP Clavinova is a really special instrument, it's so much more than just a piano it really can't only be classed as a piano, there are tutorials, rhythms and accompaniments, karaoke songs and more. I've often thought that if piano's were invented today, with today's technology they would look a lot like this! Stay tuned for more soon.

Yamaha P115 v DGX650 comparison

We have received many requests for a comparison of the P115 and the DGX650, very understandable as they are around the same price, and for people budgeting around the £500 mark they seem like good choices.

As I say in the video they are a very interesting two keyboards to compare because they are designed to do very different jobs, the P115 is a relatively simple keyboard designed to be portable therefore it's lightweight and and quite narrow. The DGX650 has a lot more to offer including a tutorial section, a recording studio and hundreds of musical accompaniments.

So if your question is 'which one is better for me?', then there is no right or wrong it simply depends on what you want to use if for. If you're in a small house or dormitory then the P115 would fit better, however if you're a songwriter or composer then the extra options on DGX650 makes that the better option.

Watch the video and see what you think.

The super lightweight Yamaha NP11 & NP31 keyboards

These are terrific little keyboards for the money, they are surprisingly light which makes them very portable, and even though the speakers are small the sound produced is quite rich. Perfect for a beginner who wants something straight forward with no added gimmickry. There is a short version (61 notes) called the NP11 and a longer version called the NP31 (76 notes). Isaac gives a short introduction in the video below.

Yes, somebody did this to a Yamaha baby grand.

And now my niece wants one and reminds me everyday that she does. It is proving difficult to for her to accept that there are only two in existence, and that they are for promotional purposes only.