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Yamaha Arius YDP-143 vs YDP-163 digital pianos - What's the difference? A comparison.

These two pianos are from Yamaha's Arius range which is designed to offer a good quality instrument in a traditional style cabinet, at an affordable price for beginners.

Because these models look so similar we are asked all the time what the differences are between them and whether getting the more expensive one is a good idea.

Chris explained the differences in the videos below.

What's the best piano for a beginner? - Vblog.

Following on from our previous entry Chris talks us through some important points to consider when buying your first piano.

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What’s the best piano for a beginner?

We’re always asked this question and usually the answer usually depends on these 3 main factors.
The most obvious of which are:
- What your budget is. - How much space you have.
But in the digital age of pianos and keyboards the third factor to consider is how you actually want to learn - what do I mean by this?
Well, there are beginners keyboards and pianos that will work just like a traditional piano i.e. it makes a piano sound and not much else, and this is great if you are the type of person who can discipline yourself (or your child) to learn in the traditional way, using beginners books and sheet music etc. 
But there are also keyboards and pianos that use clever technology to actually teach you to play, and engage with you for example keys that light up and show you what note to play, or a big screen that displays music, or the ability to play along with an orchestra or band. You can buy ones that do a bit of both too.
So, let’s say you’re working with a budget of under £1000 for…

What the heck do all those product codes mean?

If you're new to Yamaha digital pianos then I imagine you look at all the various product codes (CLP, DGX, PSR, CVP etc) and it's a complete mystery.

We want to make things a little simpler for you so here's a crash course in the differences between the most popular models; the CLP and CVP Clavinovas.

Yamaha DGX-650 vs DGX-660 - What's the difference?

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the new Yamaha DGX-660. We're getting LOADS of people asking what the difference is between this and it's predecessor the DGX-650, so I made a video to try and clear things up.

As you will see in the video Yamaha have made a real effort to make this instrument more suitable for singer-songwriters, the DGX-650 was already very good if you wanted to write music, but it lacked a microphone input, that has been added in the DGX-660 along with a few more things that will be so useful for the singer-songwriters out there.

We have made a special DGX-660 bundle for singer-songwriters which you can see on our website below. If you're buying for yourself or as a gift for someone else it will include all you need to get writing and get performing. (Click image below).

Customer feedback

Hey, just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your presentation of the p255.  I recently developed an interest in learning to play piano but had absolutely no idea  what piano to purchase. Familiar with the Yamaha brand, I googled it and one thing led to another and I eventually found myself here.  Your in depth analysis of the p105 vs p115 and p115 vs p255 helped me frame the right type of questions to carry out a further search. Satisfied, I purchased the p255b and absolutely love it. All thanks to your presentation and sample play here in this video—so thank you again.

Customer feedback Nov 2015 - Peter

I watched the P45 v P115 review and fell in love with the P115, immediately shopping for it online. Then I watched this and completely doubted my sanity. Thanks for putting the reviews out there to hear the sound comparisons. Context makes all the difference to judge a sound. Now shopping for a P255 :)

Customer questions answered - Yamaha CLP545 vs Yamaha CP4

Once again, thanks for these videos! Do you know how the clp 545 compares to a stage piano like the CP4 in terms of the key action and sounds? I can't quite decide whether to go with a stage type keyboard that has more features (that I may or may not use), or an aesthetically more living room-friendly Clavinova. Either way, the most important thing is the action. month ago +Universe Spec-wise and sound-wise the CLP545 is far superior having 256 polyphony (CP4 has 128). Also the key mechanism on CLP545 is better, they both have wooden white keys but CLP545 used the NWX which includes the escapement mechanism too, it's closer to the real feel of a grand piano without doubt. CP4 is awesome for a stage piano though! but I agree it may not look so nice in the living room. Hope that helps.
Thank you! This really helps!

Customer questions answered - Yamaha S52 vs P255

Your reviews are fantastic, thank you for making them! I do have a question though. The YDP-S52 seems to be nearly identical to the P-255 (similar price, GH w/ ivory). Could a comparison be done between these two? People interested in the P-255 may also want to also consider the YDP-S52. I'm having a hard time determining which is better and I'm looking to purchase one. month ago +thisaintalex Yes, the specs are very similar, P225 probably just has the edge on quality of piano sample. However the S52 does have larger speakers which, if you're just playing at home, will make a difference. P255 is really designed as a stage piano, i.e. to be portable and taken out to gig with, S52 is more of a modern style of piano cabinet designed to stay in one place permanently. Hope this helps, I'll try and get a video up soon.
Thank you for the swift response and for offering to put up a video. Mine would definitely be staying at home all the time. From your reply, th…

Customer questions answered - Yamaha P45

Hello, thanks for this wonderful video! It's life-saving!!! When you say you can transpose the key of a song in both mean I play the same notes and yet it can sound a few keys higher or lower??? Another question, can I connect the P45 to a computer? I am a singer that usually uses professional karaokes for live presentations, but I want to be able to play a few songs with live piano and voice, but adding electric guitar, bass and drums though a computer. I already have these personalized karaokes, actually, as mp3 and mp4 files; entire songs in which I only removed the piano and vocal sections so I can do those live. Can I actually achieve this with the P45?? Thanks! month ago +Kaylasa JaguarStar Yes, and yes. The transpose feature has been a life saver for me over the years, particularly when my singer needs the key lowered and I'm not clever enough to figure out how to play it, I just use transpose button and play the same notes, magic!
Two mor…

Customer feedback Jan 2016 - Robert

very good presentation covered all I wanted to know  thanks ;)

Customer feedback Jan 2016 - Jerry

Wonderful fantastic demonstrations and good musicianship.

Customer feedback Jan 2016 - Pitter

Hi! I bought one P115 here in Brazil, you helped me a lot. Thank you very much. It will be my first piano. When I get a good performance I will send to you a video, and when I go to the UK I will surely visit your store to thank you in person.

Customer feedback Jan 2016 - Jamie

These videos are really nice to watch, I'm going to buy the YDP-162 soon

Customer feedback Dec 2015 - Oliver

Loving your comparison videos guys. Great info and well produced. :-) Very slick!

Customer feedback Oct 2015 - Claire

After watching your youtube comparison video, I ordered the CLP 535 online from you. I am absolutely thrilled with it! It took a little while to arrive but it is so very worth the wait!! The sound of a concert piano in my front room - it blows people away! Thanks for helping me choose which piano to buy. Can highly recommend 󾌵

Customer feedback Jan 2016 - John

Just a quick thankyou for your time and the excellent demos on YouTube that made me decide on the P255.  
It's up and running and perfect for my needs. Copied a jpg of Hill Street Blues off the web and can play the first four bars, all the notes too!  Just need to brush up my music reading and theory.  Doing that on the commute to work.
It's nice to find a "real" company trading on the internet rather than just a warehouse somewhere horrible!

Thank you again, truly delighted with my purchase and your service.

Customer feedback Jan 2016 - Steve

I watched your YouTube vid of the comparison of the CLP 525 and was what made me choose the 535..good vid and very honest and full of helpful info.. Steve.