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Yamaha CLP-535 vs CLP-545 - Video comparison

As promised here is the video;

These are two really great pianos and it's been good fun to sit and really test them both out. I think the CLP-545 has the edge but you'd expect that for the extra cost, it's certainly good value in my opinion, watch the video and see what you think. Remember we're happy to take suggestions on what other products to compare or review so feel free to comment on the video or email us via the ePianos website. Bye for now.

Yamaha Clavinova comparison CLP535 vs CLP545

Hello all,
I've got my trusty notebook out and have been preparing a comparison video of the CLP535 and the CLP545, two very impressive instruments indeed!

It's hard to find anything negative to say about the CLP535 on it's own, but compared to it's bigger brother the CLP545 it is clearly inferior as you will see in the video which is coming soon, watch this space!