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Yamaha Arius YDP-143 vs YDP-163 digital pianos - What's the difference? A comparison.

These two pianos are from Yamaha's Arius range which is designed to offer a good quality instrument in a traditional style cabinet, at an affordable price for beginners.

Because these models look so similar we are asked all the time what the differences are between them and whether getting the more expensive one is a good idea.

Chris explained the differences in the videos below.

What's the best piano for a beginner? - Vblog.

Following on from our previous entry Chris talks us through some important points to consider when buying your first piano.

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What’s the best piano for a beginner?

We’re always asked this question and usually the answer usually depends on these 3 main factors.
The most obvious of which are:
- What your budget is. - How much space you have.
But in the digital age of pianos and keyboards the third factor to consider is how you actually want to learn - what do I mean by this?
Well, there are beginners keyboards and pianos that will work just like a traditional piano i.e. it makes a piano sound and not much else, and this is great if you are the type of person who can discipline yourself (or your child) to learn in the traditional way, using beginners books and sheet music etc. 
But there are also keyboards and pianos that use clever technology to actually teach you to play, and engage with you for example keys that light up and show you what note to play, or a big screen that displays music, or the ability to play along with an orchestra or band. You can buy ones that do a bit of both too.
So, let’s say you’re working with a budget of under £1000 for…